Yammer Analytics

Have you invested in Yammer…?

…But not in sophisticated analytics? The built-in analytics are too simplistic, the data export is too complicated, and building your own analytics solution is too hard. There are few 3rd party solutions for analysing value created in Yammer, but it all starts with what you want to accomplish, and what you want to do with the analytics.

Too many stakeholders in Yammer networks believe that the success of a network is measured by the amount of activity on the network – the more activity, the better the network. Luckily, this myth was debunked by our partner SWOOP in a recent study of theirs’ (link). In reality, the activity level of a network correlates negatively with the level of cohesion, which is central to a healthy network. The conclusion is that you can rely on activity measures at your peril.


Are you trying to decide between letting Yammer be open without any clear rules and having a sophisticated analytics solution to keep track of every move users make? We think that there’s a sweetspot in-between, and that governance should vary between companies. In our experience, the networks that have no governance are having difficulties to really attract the activity needed for great collaboration. Likewise, networks with strict governance will have users looking for other ways of collaborating if they don’t feel comfortable to share. We’ll guide you through setting up a governance structure to support your collaboration – looking at KPI’s on all levels, open VS closed groups, policies, analytics solutions, and much more.


Analytics the Wrong and the Right Way

We are keen to help you get going with Yammer Analytics. We will help you find the analytics solution to fit your needs, and then we’ll make sure to make a proper introduction of how you can act on the metrics.

See How You Perform Compared to the Benchmark

We have an opportunity for larger networks to compare scores on a benchmark of 15 collaboration KPI’s. Regardless of the analytics solution you choose, a great starting point for any healthy network is to get a key understanding of the current state – before you set the direction and strategy.