The Iceberg

Think of Your Organisation as an Iceberg

Above the surface are the formal structures and processes, and the organisational chart. In short: above the surface are the things we have decided on, and can easily identify.


Below the surface we have the greater mass of the ice berg. Here are all the things that are not formal structures or processes. There lies influence, friendship, expertise, trust, conflict, collaboration, and relationships – it’s how work actually gets done. The big difference – we most often have no clue what’s going on under the surface.


Wexxa is a firm specialised in analysing, and acting on, what normally is hidden below the surface. We work with facts-based methods to turn the iceberg upside-down – fully visible to our customers – and take action to drive value.

Is it really that important to understand what’s below the surface?

Did you know that how organisations collaborate internally is one of the most defining success factors? In collaboration intense industries, the difference between low performers and high performers is 9.4* times. Conclusion? Great collaboration is worth investing in.

*EBITDA per employee