Wexxa offers a wide range of services within the domain of collaboration

Three steps for better collaboration: ANALYSIS – ACTION – MEASURE

In all our services we ANALYSE the current situation to form the ACTIONS we suggest. Then we MEASURE the progress to record the effects.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

M&A Integration

Research shows that companies that put real effort into people integration have a shareholder value 6-12 percent higher than those that don’t. Our integration services will increase your success rate, and let you get back to business-as-usual even sooner.
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Innovation Capability

Great innovation requires an organisational flexibility that creates ideas, identifies the right ones, and allows for resources to be assigned – especially for breakthrough innovations. Let us identify what’s blocking your innovation funnel.
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Collaboration Gap Analysis

Untap the potential in effective and efficient collaboration to increase EBITDA per employee more than 9 times! With insights like no other there is much value to be gained from facts-based collaboration, both now and in the future.
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Yammer Analytics

Collaboration and interaction are proportionally increasing costs for companies. Our best practice and analysis experience will help you make the best use of ESN technologies to make sure your investments in collaboration pay off.
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Customer Engagement

Creating a great customer experience is a collaborative effort, not an individual one. Consistency in every customer interaction is key to keeping customers satisfied. We can help you untangle complexity in your customer organisation.
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