Wexxa is a Microsoft partner in the area of strategy service and business consulting. Our focus is on management and change consulting to support Microsoft’s customers to improve overall productivity in collaboration. Microsoft services and products can be important tools in the transformation from Demand and Control to Collaborative models. To webpage

Constellation SAS is a cutting-edge management consulting firm that specializes in collaboration, organizational strategy and leadership development. We also provide training services and build interactive, self-paced e-Learning / m-Learning programs for our client’s employees and customers. Constellation SAS employs an innovative analytical methodology called Organizational Connectivity™ as an organizational diagnostic tool to assist organizations with critical issues such as the post-merger integration of companies, the breakdown of barriers between departmental silos and the development of innovation networks throughout a firm. To webpage

Optimice is a highly experienced consulting company specialising in Social Network Analysis (SNA) with toolsets designed for business. With more than 100 project completed around the world – and included in the research analyst Gartner’s Market Research into SNA – Optimice has partnered with WEXXA to deliver SNA projects in Sweden. To webpage

SWOOP analyses and reports on the relationships that are formed through the use of enterprise collaboration platforms such as Yammer, Jive and Chatter. SWOOP provides insights about relationships such as WHO is connected to WHO. SWOOP’s main differentiator is the focus on connectivity rather than just activity. That means that you can get insights about how business units, locations and roles are connected through the use of collaboration tools. To webpage

Wexxa is an Intelligence2day® Certified Partner. Comintelli is a leading provider of Enterprise Information Access Software. Their award-winning product Intelligence2day® is a search-based application for Competitive Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Search and Content Delivery. The product automates the task of aggregating internal and external information, then analyzing, searching, structuring and finally delivering it to the right user. To webpage