How to Succeed In Open Innovation Collaborations

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Our services within collaboration for innovation are focussed on:

Revealing the hidden cost of collaboration
Identifying trust between key people
Choosing innovation partners
Finding the best ambassadors
Mapping where to find competence
Helping leaders use their networks
…. and more

Open Innovation

How to excel in innovation networks

Managing collaborative innovation networks is hard – different cultures, hidden/unavailable resources, and legal issues complicate an already complicated set up.

Open innovation is hard and yet necessary for many firms in order to innovate and be competitive. Despite the challenges posed many firms choose, however, to engage in open innovation, which is evidence that the risk is worth the pay-off.

The many challenges in open innovation systems are often within the collaborative capabilities – cultural differences, unmapped resources, lack of trust, and perhaps the wrong people in key positions.

We at Wexxa specialise in uniting people through great collaboration, which is a key capability and character of successful open innovation systems.

Trusted by

Wexxa as a driving engine behind great triple helix collaboration

Wexxa is currently engaged in a VINNOVA financed project to analyse and accelerate collaboration in the triple helix systems called the ‘innovation platforms’.

Link to the project description (Swedish)

VINNOVA, the swedish agency for innovation, drives innovation to address societal challenges by arranging and financially supporting collaborations between companies, academia, and society.


An example illustration of collaboration between clusters

VINNOVA recognised collaboration as a key capability to succeed with open innovation, and wanted a partner that could improve these capabilities. We suggested an approach, which through a pilot project would contribute with collaboration insights, and develop Wexxa’s services to accelerate triple helix collaborations.

The project is expected to run from december 2017 until june 2018, and we look forward to contributing to deal with societal challenges.

How to Succeed In Open Innovation Collaborations

Download our whitepaper to get started today!