It’s easy to focus on assets in mergers, and not really pay enough attention to the people and relationships within the organisations. Imagine being able to analyse relationships much in the same way you value assets – and to have the insights needed to effectively merge organisations. Companies that put real effort into people integration have a shareholder value 6-12 percent higher than those that don’t.

One of the most commonly cited reasons for M&A integration failures is culture. While culture is indeed something every company has, it is not by any means alone responsible for M&A failure. In our experience, culture is a term people use to define what they cannot explain in a better way. We believe that the real problem lies in the ties in-between the two merging parts, and that’s where we will be able to help, and maximise your chance of integration success. By conducting an organisational network analysis (ONA) we’ll be able to thoroughly analyse the integration of the former organisations. The strength with ONA’s is that they give the true image of hidden organisational structures. What we offer is a way to both identify value within the network, much as in the same way you would value assets, but also what can be done to actually increase the value of the network. Moreover, you’re provided with a map of how the actual integration process is happening – with visualisations showing all relations across (much like the image above).

Wexxa’s promise – what we deliver

  • Swifter integration by involving the right people in the integration process
  • Earlier ROI because the employees can start producing sooner
  • Accessible expertise because the important experts are connected to each other
  • Higher levels of engagement because informal leaders are involved
  • Resource light because attention is put where it is needed
  • Measurable integration process with established methods of measuring collaboration