Digital Transformation- Five things to consider

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Build Change Platform – Involve the True Ambassadors

Hasting into standalone change programs instead of building change capability, and not getting the right people onboard are reasons why many change initiatives fails. Wexxa´s unique experience and proved methods provides you with a change platform for continuous improvement. We identify the right ambassadors (hidden under the formal surface) that has a high level of informal influence and advocacy for change, necessary to succeed with digital transformation.

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Case by Wexxa

Who are the Ambassadors suited to contentiously drive the organisation to change?

Wexxa met with a customer, whom had just acquired a food production site as a part of a larger acquisition. The specific site was in need of change, since it was know to have problems with quality and lower productivity than comparable sites.

A key company value for our customer was “Ownership for continuous improvement” and therefor an insight of who were the ambassadors taking ownership of change was key in the transformation.

Wexxa collected data through a survey to identify Ambassadors. We found out that among the top 15 nominated, there were 7 positive influencers. They both had a high level of influence and a high degree of ownership for change, therefor very well suited to become ambassadors!

We also found that among the top influential people, three persons where negative influencers. This means that although they have a high influence, they didn’t have the advocacy to engage employee in change.

Moreover, we analysed different teams to ensure that we would get them all onboard for change. We found that two teams were in risk of low change capability since they were less cohesive than other teams and top influencers did not take the ownership for change.

We recommended our customer to involve the positive influencers directly in the transition, and simultaneously reach out to negative influencers to understand the individual circumstances and try to get them onboard for change too.

Having strong ambassadors in each team, which are continuously involved in improvements, is an effective way to engage employees and build changing capacity.

So, what did our customer think?

After delivery

“We couldn’t have gotten these insights without the analysis. This really is valuable information.”

One year later…

“We got good insights of the problems we have in the organization. Biggest influencers (positive&negative) and communication within teams have been especially important for our development. We have used it to confirm that actions we plan to take are in the right direction!”

– Plant Director

Digital Transformation- Five things to consider

Download our white paper to get started today!