NCC – Collaboration Beyond Silos

We’re excited to be able to tell you about what we did for NCC, one of the leading construction and property development companies in the Nordic region. It started out with Microsoft reaching out to us and asking us to help a customer of theirs to drive productivity and to measure the strategy to become one NCC. NCC, in turn, wanted to know more about ideas developing and problem solving within their organisation. We surveyed a little over 1000 employees about whom they were likely to approach for problem solving or to develop an idea. This resulted in an additional 850 people and over 5700 relations. The patterns that emerged and insights of their most valuable informal leaders and influencers, gave NCC a head start to adapt to new ways of working – and, to work like a network. Watch the video below.


In this case, a customer of ours wanted to improve productivity and culture at a production plant they had recently acquired. We performed a tailored network analysis to identify influencers and overall management insights.
We identified multiple positive and negative informal leaders the customer could work with, and provided insights on the hierarchical patterns. With the facts-based insights provided by us, our customer could work with the process of improving productivty at the production site.


Many companies today have a vision to become one company, and so did our customer in this case. The large multinational company in the construction and infrastructure industry wanted help to follow up on its vision. We analysed idea and problem solving flows, and found areas of improvement for knowledge re-use, synergies, and collaboration structure.


We helped a large IT organisation identify collaboration waste, find the bottlenecks, and simplify collaboration processes.
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We improved collaboration in a customer support organisation, eliminating costs of some 40-60 MSEK annually. We provided a facts based view of collaboration, enabling management to act on insights they had not before.
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A nordic telecommunications company, wanted insights to be able to follow up on its Yammer network. We provided a detailed collaboration analysis, risk assessment, and a benchmark to compare against many other companies that use Yammer. We provided a current state view of the network that the company could use to effectively drive engagement in the future.